2013 IHCA University Repertoire

FIRST ROUND (two works required)

1. Your choice of the first movement of any of the Mozart concerti or the new, complete version of the Mozart Concerto Rondo (short version not allowed).

2. Your choice of one of the following
  • Alan Abbott: Alla Caccia
  • Paul Dukas: Villanelle
  • Randall Faust: Rondo (Faust Music)
  • Johan Kvandal: Introduction and Allegro
  • Louis Piantoni: Air de Chasse
  • Robert Planel: Légende
  • Camille Saint-Saëns: Romance op. 36
  • Robert Schumann: Adagio and Allegro


Your choice of one of the following unaccompanied pieces
  • Paul Basler: Cantos
  • Vitaly Buyanovsky: España (from Traveling Impressions, McCoy ed.)
  • Randall Faust: Call and Response (Faust Music)
  • Otto Ketting: Intrada
  • Bernhard Krol: Laudatio
  • Tim Martin: Lament (the best performance of this work will receive the Gretchen Snedeker Prize worth $500)
  • Vincent Persichetti: Parable


Your choice of one of the following complete concertos
  • Reinhold Glière: Concerto, op. 91
  • Ida Gotkovsky: Concerto
  • Giovanni Punto: Concerto No. 5 or No. 7 or No. 11
  • Richard Strauss: Concerto No. 1 or No. 2