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Established Over 40 Years Ago

International Horn Competition of America


The International Horn Competition of America is a biennial solo horn competition open to Professional and University level horn performers of all nationalities.  The goal of the competition is to advance the horn as a solo instrument, broaden the literature composed for it, elevate soloist performance standards, and provide an opportunity for hornists to gain constructive and positive feedback.   


The event includes an opening presentation with the International Horn Competition of America’s adjudicators and its Board of Advisors, clinics by adjudicators, rehearsals with collaborative pianists, a first round, semi-final round, and final round of the competition, an opportunity for non-finalists to discuss their performances with adjudicators, and an awards ceremony.


Each competition takes place at a different geographical location in the United States.  The 2024 Competition will be held in Fort Collins, Colorado at Colorado State University, followed immediately by IHS 56 in the same location.  This is the first time the International Horn Competition of America and International Horn Society have joined forces to bring you two great events back to back.

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