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Rules and Regulations

1. The International Horn Competition of America is open to hornists of all nationalities. The competition does not discriminate based on the model of horn, tone color, or choice of performance style/school. The International Horn Competition of America seeks to support and promote excellence in horn playing in the preferred style of the contestant.

2. All contestants will be afforded standard concert etiquette. Applause will precede and follow all performances, which will be played in their entirety without interruption.

3. All contestants will be given copies of judge's evaluation sheets. Non-finalists are given the opportunity to meet with jurors for consultations.

4. Application to the International Horn Competition of America constitutes acceptance of all rules and regulations.

5. All decisions by the judges are final. The judges may decline to award first or second prizes, or name finalists. If a first prize is awarded, the judges may decline to award a second prize. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be divided equally.

6. Previous winners of the International Horn Competition of America are ineligible to compete in the division that they won.

7. Professional contestants must perform standing. University contestants are encouraged to perform standing, but are allowed to sit down to perform.

8. Memorization is required in the Professional Division for all Mozart performances. For all other divisions and rounds memorization is optional.

9. Each contestant must provide their own piano scores (originals, no copies) for the accompanists.

10. Contestants using IHCA accompanists are allowed one rehearsal and the first round performance. Private (non-IHCA) accompanists may be used in the first round only. All finalists must use IHCA accompanists.

11. Judges will not be allowed to adjudicate family members.

12. By making application to and participating in the IHCA, contestants grant permission for the use of photographs, recordings and interviews in all media venues.

13. Contestants will bear all applicable expenses including, but not necessarily limited to meals, lodging, and transportation.


14. The pitch standard for the International Horn Competition is A = 440.

15. Required attire is what is appropriate for a performance as a soloist or elite chamber musician at a prestigious and visible concert venue.  While wardrobe may reflect personal taste, contestants are reminded that clothing should be professional in appearance.  Examples include coats and ties, ties only, suits, refined shirts or blouses, skirts, dress pants, or dresses.

16.  University contestants must be enrolled as University students no older than 26 years of age, and must never have previously signed a full-time performer contract.  University contestants should be prepared to provide proof of University enrollment and age.

16. High School students may enter the University division contingent on providing documentation showing that they are attending with legal permission of an adult whom assumes full legal responsibility for the student.

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