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University Division Repertoire

2024 IHCA University Division Repertoire

FIRST ROUND (two works required)

1. The first movement only from one of these Mozart concerti:

  • Mozart, W. A.              Concerto no. 2, K. 417

  • Mozart, W. A.              Concerto no. 3, K. 447

  • Mozart, W. A.              Concerto no. 4, K. 495

2. One of these works for unaccompanied horn:

  • Berge, Sigurd            Horn-Lokk

  • Brouwer, Margaret     Scherzoid for solo horn

  • Buyanovsky, Vitaly      España, from Four Improvisations from Traveling Impressions

  • Krol, Bernhard            Laudatio

  • Martin, Tim                Lament*

  • Raum, Erika               The Confessions of St. Augustine

  • Tamusuza, Justinian     Okukoowoola Kw'Ekkondeere

*The best performance of this work will be awarded the Gretchen Snedeker Prize


One of these works for horn and piano:

  • Boroff, Edith               Sonata --- first movement only

  • Bozza, Eugène           En Forêt, op. 40

  • Dukas, Paul                Villanelle

  • Gartenlaub, Odette     Pour le cor

  • Schumann, Robert       Adagio und Allegro, op. 70

  • Vignery, Jane             Sonate, op. 7 – first movement only



One of these concerti (complete):

  • Gipps, Ruth                Concerto, op. 58

  • Glière, Reinhold          Concerto, op. 91

  • Strauss, Richard           Concerto no. 1, op. 11

  • Strauss, Richard           Concerto no. 2

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